Welcome to our study entitled:

“Evaluation of Institutional Job Demands-Resources and a Novel Mindfulness Tool on Burnout Intensity in a Cross-sectional Cohort of Colorado Health Care Practitioners”

Study Sponsors: Parkview Medical Center Graduate Medical Education and Internal Medicine Residency Program and Sangre de Cristo Internal Medicine; Doug Duffee MD, Mdiv, FACP principle investigator.

The purpose of this study is to:

1) identify unique institutional job demands-resources whose presence-absence contribute to Health Care Provider burnout and 2) assess the ability of a novel mindfulness tool intervention as a personal job resource to positively affect Health Care Provider well-being. This will be accomplished by using the “Health Care Provider Wellness Assessment” survey (HCPWA) and the “Insights and Exercises in Personal Forgiveness” tool (IEPF).

Internal screening reviews have suggested that Health Care Provider stress level is elevated. This is YOUR CHANCE to provide input into improving the support systems of workplace culture!

The HCPWA: is a 71 question anonymous SURVEY on workplace demands, resources and personal burnout assessment that takes an estimated 6 minutes to complete.

The IEPF: is a 5 minute daily meditation TOOL with 28 daily exercises for introspection based on an ancient Semitic poem called Psalm 19.

What to do? In a completely anonymous fashion, please complete the IEPF over 4 weeks and then complete the HCPWA


go straight to the HCPWA and take the survey now.

As study participation with the wellness tool, the survey or both is completely voluntary and anonymous, we are hoping to recruit 300 MA’s, PA’s, NP’s, RN’s, DO’s, MD’s and PharmD’s to complete the survey to give us insight into current Health Care Provider work environments. We hope to improve future workplace wellness systems based on your input. Additionally we hope enough of you will do the wellness tool (IEPF) before taking the survey (HCPWA) so we can also assess if this specific resource model can be used as part of future wellness supports.

A word about the HCPWA and the IEPF from our IRB disclosures:

The survey while anonymous, contains some questions which prompt emotional introspection and in theory could trigger internal stress.  The intervention tool, while applied philosophically and not liturgically, is based on insights from ancient religious Semitic literature but is culturally neutral.  None of the survey or intervention tool content would be deemed vulgar or offensive. If you should experience any discord as part of this process, you can stop participation at any time and/or contact your Human Resources Behavioral Health Hotline. You can also voluntarily un-blind yourself and seek additional help from the study investigators. Any opinions or ideas presented belong solely to the Principle Investigator and do not necessarily reflect or represent viewpoints of Parkview Medical Center.