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As a board certified General Internist and founder of Sangre de Cristo Internal Medicine Associates, Dr. Doug Duffee MD, Mdiv, FACP has over 25 years of patient care experience.  During his time of training in Seminary (Golden Gate Theological Seminary, now known as Gateway Seminary), in Med School (East Tennessee State University),  in Residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota, and during his time of clinical practice in both Largo, Florida and Pueblo, Colorado and in lay church ministry, he has managed, co-managed, diagnosed, treated or simply walked with thousands of patients experiencing disease and recovery from biological and spiritual illness ranging literally from "A"myloidosis to "B"radycardia to "C"ancer to "D"iabetes and all the way to "Z"enkers diverticulum.  Oftentimes physical and spiritual illness manifests in non specific ways, ranging from common symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, bowel or bladder troubles, libido changes, skin rashes, joint pains and the like.  Other times illness presents with specific and unique signs, symptoms, test results or treatment plans which raise concerns and questions. In either case MDonline seeks to provide an additional objective viewpoint to people looking for insight and encouragement into health concerns and questions.  In conjunction with our TERMS AND CONDITIONS, SDCIM offers MDonline as a healthcare, medical and spiritual informatics platform (instagram, google+, youtube, facebook and wordpress publications; links below) which includes secure video consultation through our WeCounsel video platform for adults 18 years of age or older seeking additional informational insight into health care and wellness concerns. This service does not provide de novo diagnostic or treatment plans or prescription medication or administrative form completion but can address and review some common issues of concerns for individuals:

  1. Review and discussion of previously rendered diagnoses and treatment plans including any client provided data review. This can include for example, discussion of recommended medications for cardiovascular health, bone health, hormonal health and the like.

  2. Thought processes on diagnostic possibilities to consider for undefined or persistent symptoms.

  3. The benefit and types of cancer screenings.

  4. The possible causes of “indeterminate lab/imaging results” and options for followup.

  Click to schedule a virtual appointment with Dr. D or send us a message

Click to schedule a virtual appointment with Dr. D or send us a message

What is Wellness?

While modern medicine is truly miraculous in bringing physical health to people, is a powerful tool given by God to mitigate suffering as He remains continually present with us in the good and bad times, and within which our online portal aims to reach out and engage you, we feel that physical health is only a partial component in wellness. Our experience is that wellness is completed as our physical/medical beings enter into spiritual relationship with this same God who is ever present.  This "good news" of God's offering to us a gift of complete wellness is called "the gospel".  

In the Bible (for example in Matthew 11:1-6), Jesus self describes His ministry as bringing both physical and spiritual healing (wellness) to people.  Entering into spiritual relationship with God begins and ends by entering into relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.  John 3:16 describes the how of entering this relationship; believe in Jesus Christ and find forgiveness, eternal life, hope and complete wellness.

Thank you for considering SDCIM in your quest for wellness, schedule an online medical consultation, we look forward to meeting you!

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