Medical Records and e-Communication Procedures


1.  For release directly to individual current or former patients or confirmed representatives (Insurances, Hedis requests, Legal, Consented Family etc):

          a.  For current patients, contact SDCIM through your patient portal and message us with your request for records or contact us to set up your portal and message us with your request for records once the portal is active.  If you do not desire a portal, deliver your standard release of information request with wet or electronic signature in person or by email to  For former patients, your records are in hibernation and your portal is inactive.  Please deliver a standard release of information request with wet or electronic signature in person or by email to  In all  cases, in addition to the consent, make sure to inform SDCIM of the needed records as outlined in section b below.  If your medical records request is not via portal or not in person, please also fill in, notarize and return (email to the identity verification form for review and verification.

          b.  For all entities, send request for records via the patient portal or via standard release of information consenting, deliver your request for preparation of your records to SDCIM (either all or whatever portion thereof by year).   Please note that "all" records are only those records we have generated by our in office encounters and records/data we have received from other locales and uploaded to our system to facilitate your ongoing clinical care but it does not include every possible record throughout the medical community.  Records will be placed on a password protected thumbdrive with password delivered under separate cover.  Also confirm your modality of delivery (in person pickup with photo ID required or US postal service signature confirmation delivery).  Records consented through the portal and under 8 megabytes in size can also be delivered by encrypted email to avoid shipping charges (unfortunately at this time, the portal does not allow for return of large volume data files).

                    1.  Cost for records preparation is 25.00 per 3 megabytes of data.  There is also a $10.00 charge for the thumbdrive and a $10.00 shipping charge (if delivery is desired by US mail we are required to send certified with recipient signature required).  Payment is required by credit card PRIOR to delivery and can be made in the SDCIM store.  SDCIM will inform you of total cost.  Patients who utilize the portal for consenting will receive a 10% discount off the total cost of record preparation.

                    2.  For institutional representatives only (Insurances, Hedis requests, Legal etc.), we can deliver the records as above OR by secure email or secure platform upload (secure electronic delivery eliminates the shipping charge).  For large volume HEDIS requests we can process as above or schedule in office EHR access by appointment at the charge of 50.00 per hour.  Payment is required by check or credit card PRIOR to delivery and can be made in the SDCIM store.  SDCIM will send an invoice.

For those with portal access and to consent records release, log in to your personalized patient portal account via the link below and message us as follows;  "please prepare my medical records for all (or specific dates) and I will pick up in person with my photo ID (or deliver by US mail) and I am (am not) ok with receiving my records by encrypted email to the email address used to set up my portal account if the file is less than 8 megabytes in size"

Please remember to keep your portal login credentials secure, SDCIM does not have access to your login credentials

2.  For release directly to health care teams:

          a.  For active patients needing ongoing care coordination with specialist teams:  any records are released to your care team free of charge by verbal care coordination or standard consenting request in either encrypted email or electronic fax format and after destination verification.  Please realize that your patient portal can also allow you as an SDCIM patient real time access to these same records by smart phone, notebook or computer for delivery to said care team.

          b.  For any patient transitioning (or who has previously transitioned) care from SDCIM to an alternative primary team:

                    1.  One complimentary set of records will be delivered directly, if desired, to your properly consented new primary team consisting of:  a health summary, all office visit notes and your most recent labs, colonoscopy, mammogram, ekg, chest xray, pap smear, dexa scan.

                    2.  Any custom requests varying from the above complimentary records release guidelines or any "repeat" requests to additional teams will be processed as under #1 at top of page as direct release to individual patient.

                    3.  Please note that if primary care is transitioned from SDCIM, your chart is hibernated in our records and your portal becomes inactive, thus records consenting will need to be done by standard release of information request as outlined above.

3.  Please check your spam blocker if for some reason you are not finding our registration email. 

4.  Please make sure your browser, platform and antivirus software are up to date with the appropriate firewall settings

5.  Regarding e-communication:

     SDCIM Electronic Communication for patients (e-communication) Guidelines:
- Please regard all e-communication as non urgent and NOT to be used for acute questions or acute illness.  We try to answer most e-communication within 72 hours.  If in doubt, proceed to urgent care or ER.
-Please note that the most secure method of e-communication is by the portal.  It allows us to securely verify your identity upon receipt of an e-communication.  While SDCIM uses encrypted email for responding to email, your personal use of sending services like facebook, gmail, outlook, yahoo etc may not be encrypted or secure.  Again we prefer to use all e-communication by portal.  Please sign up for this service in our office.
-If your e-communication issues are complex, we may call and schedule an office visit.
-Please do not text messages to our answering service or call back numbers.  Leave a voice message or call back number as directed through the answering system if you call after hours and need to leave a message.  E-communication is a service offered for your convenience and SDCIM is not responsible for information lost through use of intermediary applications.