Medical records procedures for an individual patient without a portal acount

1.  Message SDCIM via email after filling out and attaching both forms below.

2.  Cost for records is 25.00 per 3 MB of data (or portion thereof).  We will invoice you by return email and after payment is received through online bill pay only (please check out on ONLINE BILL PAY with the same name and email you used to contact us), we will return records to you either by secure email (the email address you used to contact us for file sizes under 8 MB) or Password protected thumb drive for file sizes larger than 8 MB (password returned by email, thumb drive sent by certified signature required US mail, additional 20.00 charge for thumb drive and postage).    You can also consent and pick up medical records in person in the office to eliminate the 20.00 additional charge.  Photo ID is required.

3.  For medical records sent to you by encrypted email, make sure to download them immediately into your files as the email contents expire after 7 days.

**Please note that if you have your new doctors office request records in establishing care, the health summary, last office visit note and most recent labs, cxr, ekg, colonoscopy, mammo, pap and dexa will be sent to the new doctor as a 1 time complimentary file free of charge.  The patient is responsible for charges associated with any "custom requests" beyond these items as noted above.