Sangre de Cristo Internal Medicine

Traditional, collaborative and innovative adult primary healthcare

Sangre de Cristo Internal Medicine (sdcim) is a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing collaborative adult healthcare with compassion skill and integrity.  Since 1996, Dr. Doug Duffee has centered his private practice of general Internal Medicine on the idea that personal wellness is optimized through the collaboration of patient, primary care team and healthcare system.


For patient convenience and security, medical records requested from SDCIM will be released to the patient or their designated representative utilizing a personalized patient portal account and/or digital transfer protocols as noted below.  As a past or present SDCIM patient without an active portal account, call the office to begin the security review and set up process.  Initial set up requires a verbal in person authorization with photo ID.  Then follow the instructions below:

To access and obtain your medical records, log in to your personalized patient portal account on your computer or smart phone via the link below:

1.  To access Results, click Results, then export

2.  To access Health records, click Health Records, then export

3.  You can also pull up individual results and print/download separately

4.  To allow other representatives to access your patient portal account, click my account then patient representatives, then have that representative portal message us with a records request.  Because they are inside your secure account all consenting is assumed.  Remember to keep your user name and password secure.  You can provide "temporary" access to a representative and remove them at any time.

5.  If you are not able to access a specific item(s), you or your representative can portal message us or provide an authenticated records release form and we can respond with an individual attachment if that item is available to us.  In general most recent lab, mammogram, colonoscopy, EKG, chest xray, pap and dexa scan are released free of charge via the patient's personal portal account.  Specific bulk requests from either the patient, the patient's representative or outside agencies can be released by secure email or password protected thumb drive at a charge of 25.00 per 3 megabytes.  Payment can be made in the SDCIM online store (click here) prior to release of records.  Please realize that SDCIM does not have every available record for patients across the medical neighborhood but just those records we have archived in our charts that facilitate SDCIM's patient management.

6.  For ongoing real time health care coordination with active patients not transferring records, we will continue to communicate directly with your other health care teams and agencies as part of our active care coordination process as needed without charge for any transfer of necessary records.  SDCIM prefers to receive and send records by secure email.  If secure email is not available, e-fax can be done.  We prefer not to utilize paper records.  For patients transferring records, see #5 above.

7.  For Health plans requiring records for HEDIS reviews and other data extractors, please click link Coverage schedule and Data Extraction

8.  Please check your spam blocker if for some reason you are not finding our registration email. 

9.  Please make sure your browser, platform and antivirus software are up to date with the appropriate firewall settings

10.  Regarding e-communication:

     SDCIM Electronic Communication for patients (e-commnunication) Guidelines:
- Please regard all e-communication as non urgent and NOT to be used for acute questions or acute illness.  We try to answer most e-communication within 72 hours.  If in doubt, proceed to urgent care or ER.
-Please note that the most secure method of e-communication is by the portal.  It allows us to securely verify your identity upon receipt of an e-communication.  While SDCIM uses encrypted email for responding to email, your personal use of sending services like facebook,  gmail, outlook, yahoo etc may not be encrypted or secure.  Again we prefer to use all e-communication by portal.  Please sign up for this service in our office.
-If your e-communication issues are complex, we may call and schedule an office visit.
-E-communication is a service provided for your convenience and thus we ask you hold us harmless for any information lost due to technical failures.
-Please do not text messages to our answering service or call back numbers as they are not encrypted.  Leave a voice message as directed if you call after hours and need to leave a message.

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