Sangre de Cristo Internal Medicine

Traditional, collaborative and innovative adult primary healthcare

Sangre de Cristo Internal Medicine (sdcim) is a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing collaborative adult healthcare with compassion skill and integrity.  Since 1996, Dr. Doug Duffee has centered his private practice of general Internal Medicine on the idea that personal wellness is optimized through the collaboration of patient, primary care team and healthcare system.

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About MyVideoMD

SDCIM's MyVideoMD via the secure and encrypted WeCounsel platform is a real-time video communication service offered by SDCIM to:        

     1.  facilitate medical follow up for those who have difficulty making it into the office.

     2.  offer convenient access to SDCIM patients who may be travelling.

     3.  serve as a resource for anyone who may have informational questions or concerns about ongoing care, symptoms and/or other health topics.

     4.  address faith based medical concerns.


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