About CPC+ and CORHIO

Notice to Beneficiaries: As of 12/31/2018, SDCIM will no longer be participating in CPC+. This may effect your care in that after that time we will no longer be offering the advanced care coordination supported by this program.


CPC+ (Comprehensive Primary Care Plus) is a program offered by CMS (and some commercial insurers) to select primary care practices to facilitate the advancement of innovative primary care activates in building the 21st patient centered medical home.  This is a 5 year program that has been continued on the heels of CPCI "classic" which completed its run in 2016.  SDCIM participated in CPCI classic and is currently participating in CPC+.  What this means to SDCIM patients is that non patient identified care management data will be captured and reported to help facilitate our quality improvement efforts.  Patients may also be asked to voluntarily participate in perfomance surveys and/or an advisory counsel.  The full details of the CPC+ program are attached.

COHRIO stands for "Colorado Regional Health Information Organization" and is Colorado's project to integrate medical information in a central cloud based location.  SDCIM participates in sharing of "CCD" (care coordination data) health information on its patients with CORHIO to help facilitate care coordination.  This means that patient problem lists, diagnoses, medication lists and vital signs are available thru secure access for properly credentialed health care providers to review when their care overlaps with ours.  Colorado is an "opt out" state meaning that your records are shared unless you specifically request them not to be shared.  If you want to "opt out" of this process, let us know and CORHIO will remove your records from the data base.