Medical records procedures for an ACTIVE individual SDCIM patient desiring to set up a portal account

1.  Message SDCIM via email after filling out and attaching both forms below (or set up in office in person).

2.  Portal set up and use is for ACTIVE SDCIM patients and is free of charge and functions primarily as a consent and communication conduit.  Limited amounts of medical records can be transmitted or downloaded through portal functionality.  For information on large volume or customized medical records requests after patient portal setup click this LINK.  An "active patient" is defined as an individual who is maintaining SDCIM as their current primary care medical home OR has transitioned care to a new location outside of Pueblo county.

3.  All portal communication is for routine purposes.  For urgencies or emergencies please dail 911.

**Please note that if you have your new doctors office request records in establishing care, the health summary, last office visit note and most recent labs, cxr, ekg, colonoscopy, mammo, pap and dexa will be sent to the new doctor as a 1 time complimentary file free of charge.  The patient is responsible for charges associated with any "custom requests" beyond these items as noted above.