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Internal Medicine Rotation for Residents


Welcome:  SDCIM would like to welcome you to the our General IM (GIM) rotation.  We hope you find your time with us fun, challenging and rewarding.  Office and contact information can be found HERE.


Backround:  SDCIM is a traditional GIM solo, shared call practice.  While the majority of the practice is outpatient, we continue to actively coordinate inpatient and transitional care through hospitalists.


Purpose:  In your time spent rotating with SDCIM, we aim to further develop the skills and efficiencies you will need to practice GIM.  These skills can be utilized in the short term in your own outpatient resident clinics and in the long term if you plan on entering GIM or any office based IM sub-specialty.  These goals are accomplished through the following learning objectives:


1.   Prioritize patient evaluation issues in real time utilizing the “their agenda, my agenda and health maintenance agenda” mantra.

2.   Develop succinct, efficient and practical action plans for those said agendas and present them in an oral fashion.

3.   Become familiar with documentation, coding and (when interested) billing of clinical activities.

4.   Demonstrate independent clinical related reading utilizing focused encounter based literature searches to broaden the GIM knowledge base.


We look forward to working with you...

Internal Medicine Rotation Syllabus for Students



Welcome:  Dr.  Duffee and the staff of SDCIM (Sangre de Cristo Internal Medicine) are looking forward to your Internal Medicine rotation with our practice.  SDCIM is a solo General Internal Medicine practice, independently owned and operated, sharing outpatient coverage and coordinating inpatient care through hospitalists.  In general terms we hope you will gain exposure to and appreciation for this type of practice and the flexibility and autonomy it provides.  Specifically though, we want to engage you in a learning process that dives deep into the principles and practice of General Internal Medicine through an outpatient internal medicine experience.


What is Internal Medicine?  The American College of Physicians defines Internal Medicine as that branch of medicine which functions as “Doctors for Adults”.  This includes both the specialty of General Internal Medicine and its related sub-specialties.  More specifically, General Internal Medicine is that specialty which deals with the diagnosis and management of wellness and disease in adults and the longitudinal relational care of people.  This care takes place within an ever more sophisticated medical community and the integrated training of the Internist uniquely positions him/her to coordinate complex care within that community when it is needed.

Learning process:  There are 2 main learning objectives in this rotation:  

1.  First of all is TO ENCOUNTER THE GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE KNOWLEDGE BASE for use as a foundation in your medical career, in succeeding on standardized testing (both content and clinically focused) and/or to prepare for an IM residency.  For this we strongly recommend purchasing and reading a succinct textual resource like the textbook published by the ACP, IM Essentials Text, and working a specific question bank like IM Essentials Questions, which can be found and ordered on the ACP website ( ), Uworld or a similarly helpful resource.  Your school may also provide access to these resources, please check.  You should set a goal to read and work through, as much as you can, the textbook and associated questions during your time on the rotation.

2.  The second objective is TO BE EXPOSED TO THE CLINICAL PRACTICE OF MEDICINE IN A LIVE CLINIC PATIENT PROBLEM PRESENTATION FORMAT and through case based reading as an introduction into the practice of General IM and/or to prepare for clinical standardized exams.  

Evaluations:   1/2 of the emphasis in this rotation will be on your simple attestation of completion of reading under objective 1. 1/2 of the emphasis in this rotation will be on training level appropriate skill, conduct, attendance and attitude in our clinical encounters in office and hospital under objective 2.

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